Control unit

P0332-GB with P0214

P0332-GB control unit with fitted
accessory P0214 Touchscreen (includes
ultrasonic flow sensor, no moving parts)


Control Unit


The pump is tested and CE-marked. The control unit and other
electrical equipment complies with EMC norms.

Warning indicators


A light and sound indicator always warns the user if the
pump is operating with no fluid in it (running empty). This
is combined with the fact that the pump simultaneously
runs at maximum speed until both the pump and pressure
hose are again completely filled with fresh fluid.


If the pressure exceeds 4 bar, e.g. if the nozzle is too
small or a pressure hose is twisted, the pump stops
automatically with both warning indicators (light and
sound) having been activated.


If there is a drop in voltage or any other electrical fault,
the green on light, flashes or goes out.

P0332-GB with P0202

P0332-GB control unit with fitted
accessory P0202 for automatic

Touchscreen P0214/P0215

Touchscreen P0214/P0215

Menu for counters (in litres)

With the P0214/P0215
Touchscreen, take control
over the standard control
unit. After entering the
number of litres on the
touchscreen, a sensor
indicates when the input
amount has been reached.
It includes 3 counters that
can all be operated
separately plus one
counter for the total.

P0332-GB with P0215

P0332-GB control unit with fitted
accessory P0215 Touchscreen
(includes turbine flow sensor)

Menu for counters (in litres)