Flow meter P0210
0.5 to 8 L/min



Flow meter P0213
3.0 to 15 L/min

Correct dosage

To be able to apply the correct amount per ton of green fodder or
per ton of fodder grain, a dosage table, a scale and a flow meter
are required. If you do not have a flow meter, a clock and a one
-litre measure can be used instead

Start by estimating the amount of green fodder in the wagon (e.g.
5 ton) or round bale (e.g. 600 kg). Then estimate the actual time
for collecting the green fodder in the wagon (e.g. 10 min) or the
round bale (e.g. 2 min). Check what the dosage table specifies in
litres ensiling agent per ton green fodder and dry matter content.
To be able to correctly adjust the flow meter, follow the calculation
formula below.


Flow measurement P0214

Weight x litre per ton


= litres/minut

Time in minutes

5 ton  x  4 litres


= 2 litres/minut

10 minutes

Grain preservation

Follow the same calculation formula as above, but replace the
dosage table with the one for fodder grain


Flow measurement P0215